Senior Life

This Season

Yesterday I met with my small group. My sisters in Christ. Father, I am so blessed you led me to join these women, for without Your guidance I wouldn’t have stepped so far out of my comfort zone.

We are all at different stages of our journey which leads us to share and learn from one another. And we learn from You. Your word is teaching us more about You, and more about how to live in this broken world without becoming part of it.

I started this post to tell you readers how much I love my sisters in Christ, how we love others, and how we feel so blessed. As happens throughout my day, I found myself talking to God through Jesus. I talk to Jesus all day long both silently and vocally.

I was reminded yesterday of how blessed I am for this season of life. It could have been lonely and led down a darkened path, but for God. I spent many years taking care of a family, children, and later becoming a caregiver for my beloved husband. There wasn’t as much time to spend in quiet communion with God. Now that has changed. This is my season to spend with Him.

Thank You, Father, for loving me despite my brokenness, weakness, and sin. Thank You for this season. Forgive me and let all glory be Yours, Forever and Ever. Amen.