Morning Thoughts

A Cup of Tea with Jesus

Sitting on my porch as I write this blog, sipping on a cup of Red Riding Hood tea from Adagio Teas. The sun is shining brightly and it is a lovely breezy morning at 55 degrees F. Although the weather forecaster has predicted rain, there is no indication of such.

I took a walk to look at the inlet to the pond, but the growth was still too thick to see the water. I was hoping to find a few geese and ducks floating around.

Front porch sitting is wonderful. I never had this luxury before moving to this condo. It is peaceful with only the sound of the windchimes and the birds. A perfect morning to spend time with Jesus, drinking tea and looking at all the Lord has made.

Lifting my cup of tea as I wish each of you who read this a day to appreciate all God’s wonderful provisions.