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A Word Can Change A Life

Our words are powerful. The Book of James teaches us that none of us can tame the tongue. With offer blessings and curses from the same tongue. Ugh. Have you ever stopped to think about that? About your words?

Looking back, I see how I’ve failed in the past to use kind and encouraging words. Instead I spoke through my own pain trying to wound another, and I’m sure succeeded. I sinned. And by doing so, I caused pain not only to another, but brought more pain upon myself. But words cannot be unspoken or unheard.

As I have matured in Christ, I hope I’ve become less apt to speak without thinking. Words can hurt or encourage. I want to be an encouragement to others when I speak. Last fall, a follower of my blog, Andy Oldham, commented on one of my posts that I should add my books back for sale on Amazon. He didn’t realize how much I needed encouragement to come out of a boring retirement. I’d been receiving signs from God not to waste the gift He gave me. This was another, and one that gave me courage to move.

This word of encouragement led to the rising of the passion to write again. To share stories of how God uses the pain and brokenness in lives to create a new faith-based life through forgiveness and trust. Katy’s Heart, a book God asked me to write years ago, came to fruition because God used one of my reader’s to light a fire. Thank you, Andy!

Katy’s Heart was published in digital format on June 7, and paperback on June 9. The reviews on Facebook have been encouraging. All glory goes to God. I write always after prayer and seeking His wisdom. God never fails!

Some “reviews” left in comments on Facebook.

“I have just finished reading Katy’s Heart. By far the best inspirational and heart felt book. I enjoyed every page from beginning to end. Carol Ann always puts her heart and soul into her books and I recommend everyone should read this one.”

“LOVE your book. Can’t put it down!! I’m in awe of your talent.”

“I started this at 2 AM and am on chapter 13….I love it….”

“Just finished your new book on Kindle. It was AWESOME!! Amazing work! Hope you have a great day. Love you Carol Ann Erhardt!”

Word of mouth and Amazon reviews are the only advertising I do. I encourage anyone who reads my books to please leave an honest short review on Amazon and tell your friends.

Use your words to encourage others and not to hurt them. If they hurl insults and curses at you, do not retaliate. Whisper the name of Jesus for strength and to provide a protection, and then pray for the ones who mean to do you harm. I speak truth in telling you how a word of encouragement from a virtual stranger changed my life. Be that person in the lives of others.