Finnegan's Diary

It Happened! I Went Back to Cat Welfare! (Finnegan’s Diary)

Mommy took me back to Cat Welfare! It was a long drive and I was in my new carrier. I tried to get out, but no matter how much scratching I did, nothing happened. So, I gave up and just rested. I knew where I was the minute she opened the door. I remembered the scents of a lot of cats.

I knew the guy that came out to talk to her, too. Mommy told him to be careful because I might try to run and that I might try to bite or scratch him when he cut my nails. But I didn’t do that. I curled up on his lap and tried to disappear. I mostly afraid of having to stay there again. I was very good when he clipped all four of my paws. And then he petted me and everybody said I was a good boy and looked healthy and well taken care of. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I felt better when I was put back in my carrier. A lady came to see me, too. She said she likes to read my diary. I guess I’m kind’a famous.

Then I was back in the car again. I was very good, and hoped I would be home again. I was! Mommy carried me back in my home! I was so happy. I ran into the bedroom and came back and checked out my tunnels and my toys and everything was just fine. Mommy gave me my lunch then.

After that, I knew I was safe. Mommy and I colored in the afternoon and later, when she was reading on the sofa, I did some posing for her. I wanted her to see what a handsome boy I was.

It was such a pretty sunny day, I got in the window to see what was happening outside. Can you find me in this picture?

Later, we played for a while. I chased the feathery thing on the stick and rolled around on the floor, zipped through my tunnels, and played hide and seek until I was very tired.

I like to follow mommy everywhere she goes and I’m in the same room with her all the time. I even follow her into the bathroom. I like to warm up her shower mat while she’s taking a shower. I use the time to give myself a bath, too.

Things have been back to normal. This morning mommy is looking out the bedroom window at the birds while I write in this diary. I know she wants me to finish, so I’ll be a good boy and say goodbye. I’ll be back next Wednesday.