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New Glasses? Ack!!

When I made my annual trek to the ophthalmologist for my yearly eye exam, I had decided to ask for a prescription for reading/computer glasses. My idea was to spend less money for the new glasses and my old “full” prescription would work for another year. I’d forgotten this prescription was now two years old.

Bottom line. I made a huge mistake. The new glasses work great for writing and reading and other computer or closeup work. BUT, I need glasses to see when I’m not at my desk. The constant putting on and taking off of glasses is very frustrating! Sometimes I forget and get up to do something in the house, like fix a cup of tea. I find myself squinting and not being able to see clearly, so I head back to the office and retrieve my “on the go” glasses. Still I find myself squinting because the prescription clearly needs to be changed.

I need to a new prescription. But my opthmalogist hasn’t called me back. I figured he could use the exam information to write this updated prescription, but I may be in trouble. If he won’t do that, I’ll have to go to another doctor for an exam and prescription which I will have to pay for, and I’ll have to pay full price for my new glasses since I used my insurance already this year.

I even thought about purchasing those glasses holders that hang around the neck. But I’d need two of them or I’d have to constantly be switching which pair was on the holder. See! I really messed up with this decision I made for computer glasses. Oh, the corners we paint ourselves into when we make hasty decisions without thoroughly researching and thinking about the outcome!

Well, hurray! I decided to try calling again before I ended this ridiculous blog post. This time I reached a human being! Tomorrow the doctor will be in the office of the person I spoke with. She said she’d have him update the prescription and mail it to me! Do I need to tell you how much relief this gives me?