When a Writer Pours Her Heart Onto the Pages

Dear Reader,

While my tea is steeping, I decided to stop in for a few moments. I’m staring at a heavily frosted landscape. It is 28 degrees F. I’m left longing once again for a warm spring day, wondering if this will elude us in 2022 and instead have summer come crashing in with hot temps and humidity. Our summers are getting shorter and shorter each year. My daydreams consist of sitting on my front porch in the morning hours and soaking warmth into my chilled bones. Afternoons are too hot on my porch when the sun moves to the west and shines directly onto the front of my condo with no trees to protect it.

I remember how I enjoyed time writing on the porch the first year I moved here. Yesterday I wrote, as usual, at my desk in the morning hours. The first and last scenes of a book are the most fun for me. The characters are at a place of major decisions which will change their lives. It’s the time when they must trust in God’s love. This has been an especially emotional time of writing for me. I’ve been immersed in memories of grief and faith from my own Christian walk. I’ve left fingerprints from my heart on the pages.

My hope is you will fall in love with Katy’s heart in this book which is what the story is about. The title reflects this, too. Katy’s Heart.

And, so, dear reader I will sign off now to drink my tea before moving on with the writing. Look for the published release on Amazon in June. Don’t worry though. I will be notifying you and offering a special introductory price. Until later, God bless!

Love, Carol Ann

Writing on an April Shower Day

So far April is living up to “April showers bring May flowers.” I don’t mind as long as I see a bit of sunshine peek in from time to time. Looking ahead to next week, more rain is expected. I enjoy writing on rainy days. Especially the most emotional scenes.

I’m writing the last chapters of the book which include several emotional scenes. Today I will be drawn into summoning memories of deep emotion to add to the pages I’ll write. The rain helps to set the mood.

After completing such a scene, I need to stop and recuperate. I listen to Christian music because singing praises to God lifts my spirits tremendously. Music soothes my soul without fail.

Writers pull from their experiences which might be why some say you’ll find a piece of every author in each of their books. I know it’s truth about me. As this current book is drawing to an end, other plots are running through my mind for what I’ll write next! But for today I will welcome the April showers and simply enjoy the writing process.