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Vacations, Relaxing Projects and Book Update

Writing this before bedtime. I’m so excited and hope I will be able to sleep. I haven’t been on a vacation for a many years. Tomorrow I’m heading to NC to visit with my daughter and son-in-love. What fun I’ve had packing. I did make a list of everything I would need so with luck I won’t forget anything.

All the edits were completed on the book on Friday and it is out to a beta readers now. When I return I’ll make any changes based on feedback, make one more run through my editing service, and do a final read through. All is on schedule for release by mid June!

I’ve spent the weekend doing fun things. Finishing two coloring pages and working a jigsaw puzzle.

Forgive the glare from the camera on the puzzle!

This one took a lot of time!
I Enjoyed coloring this pretty girl and adding the sparkles!

All these projects were very relaxing. I worked on them in the evening after spending the days on editing and decided to spend Saturday and this afternoon finishing them. I’m taking a coloring book with me to NC as my daughter is a colorist too, and has all the coloring things I might need! Looking forward to seeing the horses across the road, the goats on the hills in the back and conversation! I sure miss conversation.

This afternoon my middle daughter called and we talked for about an hour. It was great to see my close friend today and have lunch after church. She has been sick for a couple of weeks. Life sometimes gets a little lonely now that I don’t have my cat Templeton to talk to! Unless a receive a phone call many hours might pass when I don’t use my voice at all. Then when I talk I might sound like a frog croaking! LOL!

All in all, I am very grateful for the life I lead. I’m grateful for each breath I take, grateful for my salvation, and grateful for my relationship with Jesus. God has been so loving over all these almost 79 years, especially when I didn’t realize it or appreciate it! Never take for Him for granted.

I plan to keep up my blog while I’m on vacation, so expect to see pictures!

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After Writing “The End”

Saturday April 30 marks the day I wrote the end to my 9th full length novel. Emotions ran high that afternoon.

I missed being able to hug my husband and to hear him tell me congratulations. He was my biggest fan. And marketer. He told everyone I was a published author, even strangers. It’s a wonderful feeling to have someone be proud of your accomplishments. It’s different now, being a solitary writer. I sometimes think about the writing groups I once was part of. I left those behind when my husband needed my care more than I needed those groups. But I won’t get into the past today.

Another emotion was saying goodbye to the characters. This was sad and happy at the same time. I love happy endings and my characters reached theirs. But they lived in my mind night and day talking to me and now they are silent. Their story has been told.

I’m looking forward to the next adventure but while I am looking through ideas for plots, my writing is turning to telling my own story. The stories of my youth. Of things forgotten by today’s world. Of the future writer who escaped into other worlds as she walked along creek banks deep in the woods. This is my legacy to my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I haven’t yet decided if I will make the book available to the outside world.

As I lift my cup of tea and smile at the view outside my window and give thanks to God, I am peaceful and filled with gratitude for the gift He has given me.