Scrivener for IPad

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube lately. Since I received my iPad, and uploaded the new app for Scrivener, I wanted to learn more about how other writers use their iPads with the program. I’ve loved using Scrivener for years on my laptop, but having the versatility of using my iPad appealed to me greatly.

In the past, I used Docs to Go on my old iPad. This was more like writing in Word, which was the program I used back then. It worked fine, but I don’t want to go back to using Word for writing. I remember taking the iPad when my hubby had therapy at the VA Clinic. I’d sit in the cafeteria for two hours and just write. I used a bluetooth keyboard. One day a gentleman came to sit at the table and asked me what I was doing. I told him about being an author and working on my book while my hubby was in therapy. Many people were interested in my endeavor. LOL! It was fun to tell them about my published books and I suppose it was a bit of marketing as well.

Once I learned about Scrivener, I became attached to my computer. The iPad was abandoned except for mundane tasks. Eventually, the operating system for the iPad 2 became obsolete and wouldn’t work with most of my apps. I still have it, though. I’m not sure where I learned about the Scrivener app for iPad, but it intrigued me. I knew I’d be happy to write on an iPad again!

I did some research and decided the 9th generation was good enough for what I wanted to do and found a good price on Amazon. It arrived the next day. (Now I need to sell books to pay for it!) I already had a bluetooth keyboard, and I decided to order a mouse to go with it. Why? I find it less distracting to use a mouse than to use my finger on the touchscreen while I’m writing.

And now we circle back to the YouTube world. Did you know you can find almost anything on YouTube? But one must use common sense. I found writers who were using the Scrivener app on their iPads and watched their videos to see how they set it up. Yes, it is different from the Scrivener app for Windows. Everything I need is there, but it is hiding. It’s more streamlined, which is a good thing. I’m so anxious to begin working on plotting my next book or series on the iPad, but it will have to wait until I finish the memoir I’m writing to give to family for Christmas. Since we are having out get together on the 17th, I have to concentrate on finishing!

I don’t know what tools you might use to write (if this is a fellow author reading this), but I’d love to hear from you. If you use Scrivener on your computing device of choice, especially the iPad, please feel free to share your thoughts. Oh, and do you use YouTube to reference “how to” videos?

Writing with Finnegan

Writing hours have taken on a new look since Finnegan came to live with me. He’s the most adorable muse , um, complication to my story telling. He wants to be a writer and as such is exploring the moving things on the monitor. With the memoir I’m currently working on, he has become more of a complication than an assistant.

I’m adding as many photographs as possible, so my children and grandchildren get a better view of my life as a child. If I happen to be lucky enough for Finnegan to fall asleep at the top of the keyboard, the sound of the scanner at work wakes him. He twists to look at the monitor instead of me and sees the little dots moving across the top. This prompts him to catch them before they disappear. After that he blocks my view of the picture and makes saving to the appropriate folder a difficult maneuver. As I get out of the chair to replace the picture on the scanner, he decides to try his hand paw at writing a caption. He’s gotten good at eights and nines!

When he came to live with me, I thought it was so cute how he bonded quickly and, unless eating, kept closely by my side. I think he’s trying to make sure I don’t disappear. Well, after all, I’m his feeding source!

Honestly, I’m very blessed by his presence. He brings me joy and infuses this into every word I write. I know God brought us together because we were two broken souls who needed each other.

Being an author has always been a passion for me, but it had lost its glow over the past few years. Finnegan has instilled in me a renewed energy which has spilled into my writing. God understood the need and He provided.

Now, dear readers, you can perhaps picture the orange tabby, whose long hair is slowly growing back after being shaved, as my constant companion at the keyboard. The joy of his purring encourages me to lead my characters into a place of love and peace. And though I may shed a tear or two as I go back in time to a lost little girl’s life, I know the ending. It’s a happily ever after.

Home Again, Great Granddaughters, and New Software

I’m home! Friday was a traveling day. We had a nice ride until we reached Ohio. That’s when we hit several downpours where we couldn’t see the car in front of us. While we made good time, when we arrived, we didn’t have the energy to eat out as planned. Instead, we had food delivered.

Yesterday one of my daughters and son-in-loves stopped by for a visit. They brought my great granddaughter. She’s growing so quickly, and one of these days she won’t rush to throw her arms around me. I’m loving and savoring these moments. If only I had even a drop of her energy! Watching her run around in the grass barefooted brings back childhood memories! Her mom stopped by to pick her up, so I was able to visit with her, too. After they left, my neighbor who lives closest to the pond walked over with several of the tiniest little frogs I’ve ever seen in a dustpan. She wanted my great granddaughter to see them. She said their sidewalk is covered with them and they have to keep sweeping them off!

Today, I am back to normal and ready to make the final edits to the book. The mini vacation did wonders for me both physically and mentally. Didn’t realize how much I needed the break. Things are different without having my fur baby, Templeton. I’m adjusting better after the trip.

So, it is back to editing this morning and I’m excited for it. My dear friend and author, Sandra Lea Rice, told me about an editing program, ProWritingAid. This is awesome because it works right inside my writing program, Scrivener. The other editing program doesn’t integrate. I love technology and learning new software. This old dog loves to learn new tricks!

Thank you, Lord, for EVERYTHING!

Writing in the Great Outdoors

Saturday morning…not a usual day for me to blog. The reason is a new tablet and bluetooth keyboard I’m trying out. As I sit here with my cup of tea, listening to the birds singing, I find it a nice change from having to squint at my laptop screen. If only it wouldn’t be so difficult to view outdoors!

This setup is working nicely so I’m feeling encouraged. Today is my cleaning and laundry day but I have all day to deal with that. Right now I simply want to drink a cup of tea while enjoying this lovely day and birdsong.

I’d like to find a way to write my books on this tablet, but my writing program doesn’t work with the Android operating system. One cannot be choosy, though. Actually this tablet is replacing a 12 year old iPad. It had an app that worked for writing. If I can write and save as a word document, I can then email it to myself and then upload it to my laptop writing program. Perhaps I will find an app.

For now I’m happy to be able to sit outside and blog!