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Rainy Day Writing

Today is supposed to be a very rainy day. Thinking about this, a scene suddenly came to mind. I’m excited to write it when the timing is perfect. If I’m experiencing a real downpour, or a storm, I’ll be able to portray that to my readers through the next scene in the book.

Writing is fun, or it can be. What I find is not having anyone to report to on a finish date but myself, allows the flexibility to write with the weather sometimes. A monotonous weather forecast makes for a monotonous setting in my writing.

For instance, it is difficult to write about winter and snowstorms when the sun is shining and it is in the middle of summer. When the weather is cloudy, it helps to put me in a mood to write something emotional.

What fun it would be if we could simply write scenes according to the weather and then put them all together. But that seems an impossible idea. We need structure and an outline to follow. The scene I am currently writing is coming to a close. I can so easily see it ending with being disrupted by a sudden rainstorm! Why not? This is the exciting part of writing. Finding something a little different to add a visual for the reader. I think all of us have been caught unexpectedly by a sudden storm. I know there have been many times this has happened to me. Sometimes it’s a downpour and sometimes a gentle spring rain. I remember being totally drenched and cold, and also standing under a tree in a gentle rain.

As writers, we need to look around us and not just stay focused on the white screen. Add some excitement and flair to our settings. Make our readers feel what is happening to the characters. I’m welcoming this new day as I always do with thanks to God. And I thank Him for providing the perfect setting for writing “what comes next.”