Lessons Learned from My Dog

katieKatie, also known as Doodle Dog, graced our lives for twelve years. From a small bundle of fluff with huge paws she grew into a 95 pound beautiful friend with a heart as big as her body.

I learned a lot from Katie. Things like loyalty, unconditional love, patience, tenderness, joy, and how to let go.

One of my grandsons learned to walk by holding onto Katie’s fur. She didn’t mind if he pulled too hard to get to his feet, or if he forgot to let go when he lost control. She was patient, kind, and gentle.

On hot summer days, she enjoyed running and splashing through a kiddy pool my hubby bought just for her. Running full steam she’d zip around the perimeters of the yard and then come to a halt inside the pool, tongue lolling and a big smile on her face.

She was a lap puppy, 95 pounds of lap puppy! She’d wiggle her backside until she managed to rest on my knee. It was the best we could do.

She grew up with cats for friends and didn’t quite understand why a new cat decided to live in the basement for two weeks before venturing upstairs to tackle the big, mean dog. When the cat sat on her haunches and used her paws to slap Katie’s jaws from side to side, Katie only rolled her eyes as if to say, “Really?” Having cats as friends, Katie learned to “purr.” So funny to have her rub against my leg while giving her version of a purr. Oh, what a joy Katie was!

Katie had one bad habit, although it was hubby’s fault. She would beg at the dinner table. Mostly because hubby would toss her bits of food. One evening we had French fries and he kept tossing some to her. Katie would snap those big jaws and gulp down the tidbit without even knowing what it tasted like. So he decided to be sneaky. He tore off a piece of paper napkin, rolled it in his fingers and tossed it in the air. She caught it without a hitch and promptly swallowed it. He laughed, I scolded him, and Katie just wagged her tail.

Halloween was a favorite night for her. She adored seeing all the children coming to the door to visit her. Well, at least she thought that’s why they came! The problem was the children were afraid of the great, big, black dog! So, alas, poor Katie had to stay upstairs and only look down as we handed out treats to the new friends she wanted to meet.

Being a collie-lab, her coat would be extremely thick in the summer time and required a daily use of a undercoat comb. I wish I had a nickel for every trash bag filled with furI collected over the years. She was always patient as I made her sit, because she knew I’d let her off the deck where she could run and feel the wind blow through her silky fur when I finished. And there was always a treat, of course.

Eventually the time came when Katie’s health declined. Her hips were giving out and she could no longer manage stairs. Living in a bi-level house was a problem, but hubby, my wonderful inventor of all things necessary, built an elevator (a wooden box) and hooked it to a winch on the deck. He removed the railing on one side and Katie would get inside, and be winched down to the ground. Then she could do her business, patrol the yard perimeter to make sure there were no aliens trying to invade, and come back to the “elevator” and bark to be brought back inside.

We did have to say goodbye one day. I cried and hugged her and her eyes told me it was time. I heard her heart tell me she was ready and I needed to be ready, too. I held her close and loved her into heaven. She taught me some things just have to be and how to let go when your heart is breaking.

I’m grateful for all the lessons Katie taught me about life. She was my best friend, the one I could talk to about anything and she kept secrets and loved me despite all my flaws.

Dogs are a blessing from God, aren’t they? I cannot imagine a life without a pet. Especially now that my beloved hubby has gone to be with Katie in heaven. How about you? Do you have any stories to share about your wonderful pets? I’d love to hear them! Just click the “conversation bubble” at the top of the post to leave a comment..


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A Garden Is What a Garden Is

Photo-May-06-4-35-54-PM-e1367884688782I like to look at old pictures. This one was of the pond after we filled in the “old” pond, and moved the fish to a smaller area. Everything looked so beautiful when hubby was caring for the gardens!

I do not have a green thumb. I do not like to work outside. I love seeing pretty things! Sigh. In my mind, I think I could make things look great, but in reality everything falls to weeds under my care.

I look at the spot where the “smaller” pond used to be and it is a laughing matter. I can only offer my apologies to my husband who is now making God’s gardens beautiful.

Lifting my cup of tea and asking forgiveness for envying pictures of my friends beautiful gardens I see on Facebook. I live vicariously through them.

Joyfully yours,

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Trusting What the Eye Cannot See

MVC-006SSundays are hard for me since my hubby has moved on to his Heavenly rewards. I have never liked being a solitary person. I crave companionship.

But in this morning’s devotion, God reminded me that even though my union with Him is invisible, that bond can never be severed.

Like the kitten trusts there is water in the bowl, which is invisible to his eye, I need to trust that God is more real than what my eyes can see. This is what brings me peace and makes me feel safe. Nothing the world can do to me can take me away from God.

The horrendous acts of terrorism, violence and destruction are not acts of power, but of desperation. Pastor John Muiz spoke this wise statement in a sermon yesterday. We are living in a time when God’s Kingdom is being ushered in. I don’t know what is happening in God’s Kingdom right now, but I have faith in knowing the outcome.

So, my time of solitude is God’s plan for me right now. It is a time He is calling me to follow Him on a solitary path. I do have companionship, just of a different kind than in the life I spent with my beloved husband.

God is good!

I lift my cup of tea this morning and ask that God will open my eyes and your eyes to see Him and His mighty Hand at work in the world. Amen.

Joyfully yours,

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In the Garden with Jesus

coneflowersIn the early sunrise, as I walk in the dew-laden air and gaze at the flowers in my garden, I feel as if I’m walking with Jesus. He talks to me in the beauty of the coneflowers, touches me with a gift of peace, and smiles at me in the sun’s rays.

It is Sunday. I am blessed.

God is good!

I lift my cup of tea, take a sip, and smile as I ask Him to bless each of you through this day, that your cares would be few, your hearts be filled with love, and smiles would enrich and inspire your walk.

Joyfully yours,

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blog-deskGood Morning!

I’m sitting here among a stacked and piled up desk, and basking in the comfort of my new writing position. My back bothers me when I sit at my desk and write. I need back support and my lovely desk chair and my short legs don’t quite agree. So I usually wind up sitting on the edge of the chair to reach my laptop keyboard. Today I’m leaning back in my chair with a lap desk bridging the gap between the desk and my lap and the computer right at my fingertips.

This is a God-inspired idea. He’s a very resourceful God and teaches me ways to “fix” things all the time. I can sit here and steeple my fingers with my elbows on the arm rests and think. It’s wonderful!

And, guess what? I can reach my tea just fine, too. Lifting my cup this morning with a joyful smile and a grateful heart. May Jesus guide your steps and guard your tongue and may the love in your heart flow out to bless others today.

Until tomorrow…

Joyfully Yours,

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