Finnegan's Diary

It’s My Uncle Bobby! (Finnegan’s Diary)

Hi! I’m back!

My mommy talks on her phone when it plays a pretty melody. It doesn’t happen a lot, and usually I ignore it. On Saturday, it played that tune and she answered it. I decided to sleep in my bed and ignore her talking, like I usually do.

She was laughing a lot, and so I jumped down to be closer to her on the desk. She started petting me and then she put the phone close to me and I heard my uncle Bobby’s voice! He’s the one who brought mommy to that place where I slept in a cage because I was afraid of the other cats. Even though I’d still be there if it wasn’t for him, I was afraid of him when they brought me to my new home. A couple days later, I let him pet me while I was eating and after that I’d come into the room where the two of them sat. It’s my playroom now. Well, I share it with mommy so she can watch things on that big screen she won’t let me play with.

I got off track, sorry. So there’s my uncle Bobby’s voice. I started purring and rubbing against the phone. I wanted to tell him thank you and that I love him. I didn’t know any other way. He kept saying my name and I loved it. I do love my new name of Finnegan. Mommy doesn’t know all the other names I used to have but they aren’t as good as this one. I hope my uncle Bobby comes to see me again. He lives far away in a state mommy calls Texas.

Do you know it snowed a lot? The day mommy goes to church we had a lot of snow all day long. Then it was mostly gone by yesterday. But while mommy was sleeping I curled up in my bed and watched the snow come again. I don’t mind seeing the snow because that means mommy will stay home with me. She was gone yesterday a lot. She left after she fed me lunch and when she came back she brought groceries. I looked and waited, but she didn’t give me a new toy. After a little while, she gave me a little snack and left again. She says she wasn’t gone long to her small group but it seemed long to me! I always hear the garage door open and I wait close to the door to welcome her home. I like getting all the petting and hearing she missed me and she gives me hugs and kisses.

Oh, do you know mommy says I have short legs? I guess I do. She laughs because I can’t keep my bottom off the litter when I go. I do dig a hole but my fuzzy behind sometimes gets nasties stuck to it and she has to cut the fuzzies. I wonder if I do have short legs? What do you think?

Thats about all I can think to write about today. If you are reading this uncle Bobby, I love you meowy much! I’ll be back next Wednesday. Bye!

Finnegan's Diary

Finnegan Gets a New Tunnel (Finnegan’s Diary)

I’m so glad it is Wednesday and I’m able to tell you about my week. But first something new is coming. Mommy and I both like to type our words on this iPad, but it does sit kind of low and my face is right up against it as you can see. So mommy ordered a stand that will raise it a little higher. She says it is coming today. So, this one last time, I’ll work up my diary post to share from this position.

Okay, last week mommy did something that makes my sleepy time so comfy. My favorite window bed was becoming uncomfortable because my legs would hang off the edge and sometimes when I changed positions, I’d fall off. I let her think I did it on purpose, but I don’t think she believed it. Anyway, she moved the bolster from the window side and put it on the outside. I don’t know how she did it, but it’s wonderful. She also took the little yellow flannel blanket Cat Welfare sent home with me and rolled it up like a bolster and put it on the window ledge behind the bed. Now I can curl up inside and it is warm and cozy. My mommy is the best!

So one morning last week while I was snoozing and mommy was working, there was a big, bright strike of lightning followed by a loud crash of thunder! It made me look to see what was happening. I could tell mommy didn’t like it. She said it was time to go in the other room. She turned off the computers and the light, but I just yawned and went back to sleep. The storm didn’t bother me because I know inside my home nothing can hurt me if my mommy is here. After the storm ended she petted me, kissed me and told me I was a very brave boy. I guess I am.

Maybe that impressed her because when she left to run errands she brought me home a new tunnel! Now I have two!! This one is different. It has three openings. I decided to try rolling in it and it got stuck against my other tunnel. Took a few seconds, but I figured out how to roll the other way. Tunnels are so much fun!

I have so much fun with all my toys and tunnels and especially when mommy gets the feather thing and I have to jump to reach it. I can play with mommy like that for a long time and then I need to rest. I kind of think she does, too. She often says, “Finnegan, you wore me out.” I think that means she needs to rest.

I have fun when mommy looks for me. I have such cool places to hide. My favorite is behind the jungle tree. She walks past me and starts looking in the bedroom, then in my cat tree cave, and she even peeks into the bathroom to see if I’m in the litter. Tee hee! And then I jump out! She always laughs. I like it when mommy laughs.

I can’t think of anything else I need to tell you, so I’d better let mommy take over this keyboard. She’s faster than me on the keys. Do you know she doesn’t even need to look at them! My mommy is smart, just like me. See you next Wednesday! Bye!

Finnegan's Diary

My Life in Pictures (Finnegan’s Diary)

Good morning! Finnegan coming to you from my mommy’s office this morning to tell you the story of my life from August 25 of 2022 until today, January 11, 2023. I have chosen to tell this story in pictures instead of words. Enjoy!

I weighed 8 pounds when mommy adopted me, and my beautiful hair had been all shaved off. I felt terrible. I was scared and hid behind the long dresser as soon as I jumped out of the cardboard carrier. Everything smelled different and I didn’t know what terrors might be waiting for me if I was seen. My new mommy kept reaching behind the dresser and talking to me in a soft voice. I’d stick my head from beneath the dresser so she could touch my head and pet between my eyes. When I smelled food, I came out very cautiously and chowed down. Then I immediately ran back into my hiding place. The next day I ventured out to eat again and my mommy gently touched my back while I ate. Later that day, I came out and played with a little mouse. Eventually, I explored my new home. It was quiet with just my mommy and me. She moved the dresser closer to the wall so I couldn’t get behind it. If I got scared, I’d go under the bed, but I didn’t get scared much at all. I began to trust her. Then people began to come and visit. I was pretty brave as long as they didn’t rush toward me. Now I love people to come see me. I have lots of toys and window views, but mostly I just want to be close to where mommy is. I help her with everything she does.

Now I weigh 13.5 pounds. Mommy took me back to the vet yesterday and I was so scared when she carried me out of the house! I was shaking with fear. The vet cleaned my ears and I didn’t like it but I didn’t make any noise. It didn’t take long and mommy brought me back home. I was so glad to be home again. But then mommy made me mad at her. She wrapped me in a towel to clip my back claws. I hate it so much, but mostly because I’m just plain scared. Mommy doesn’t know all the things I’ve been through in my five years and I can’t tell her. I know my claws need clipping, but I am too scared of being hurt. I can’t help kicking and this time I scratched her pretty bad on her wrist. I love my mommy but we can’t seem to find a good way to take care of my claws. If anyone has any suggestions, please tell her in the comments.

Overall, I’m a very happy, furry, and purry boy! Time for a nap. I’ll be back next Wednesday! Bye!

Finnegan's Diary

How to Train Your Mommy (Finnegan’s Diary)

For the past four months, I’ve been training Mommy without her knowing it. I’m a pretty clever cat.

She has that same sense I have to know when someone is staring at you. So when I want to have my snack, I sit right at her feet and stare at her. No matter what she’s doing, she will look down and see my handsome face staring at her with narrowed eyes, which means “I love you.” She smiles and takes my face in her hands and tells me she loves me too. Then she says, “Do you want a snack?” Of course, I do, and now she understands. I do my little jump in a half circle trick and sit by the big white pantry doors where I know my food is stored. And she gives me those yummy chicken or fish flavored Greenies. I love them. I counted them and she gives me 10 of them.

When it is time for my meals, I will sit in front of those pantry doors and cry. That really gets her. She doesn’t want me to be unhappy. So she’ll say “Are you ready for lunch?” or “Are you ready for dinner?” Of course, I am. That food is kept in one of the cabinets in the kitchen. I know just where it is, but it’s in a can and even if I could open the door, I don’t think I could open the container.

I have also trained her to know when I’m bored and want her to play with me. All I have to do is jump on the kitchen counter and pull all her pretty folded dishrags out of the basket onto the counter! That always gets her attention. Sometimes, if she’s watching television, I will jump on the television stand and try to get behind it to play with the cords which she hides in a basket. Another trick is to knock anything she has placed on the counter to the floor. Yesterday I knocked her phone off and an envelope she said she had to mail. One of my best tricks, is to either sit in the middle of her coloring books, or lay on her pencils in the case. Ha, ha! I also will sit right in front of the computer screen so she can’t see. That’s a good one since she is a writer and spends a lot of time on her computer.

She knows now when I’m bored and will ask me if I want to play. When I’m being annoying like this, she will pick me up, kiss me and say do you want to play? Of course, I do! Then we go to the living room and she will play with me. I like when she will pretend to chase me so I can run really fast from one room to the other. I like to show her she could never catch me if I didn’t want her to.

I’m sure you have learned a few things about how to train your mommy. I hope you’ve learned a lot from my blog this morning. Time for me to take my morning nap. And, yes, sometimes I do hang off of it. I do fit comfortably but sometimes I like to let my legs hang off. Why? Ha, ha, it worries mommy that I’ll fall. At least she thinks about me when I’m too tired to get her attention.

Bye for now! I’ll be back next Wednesday when I’ll talk about how much I have changed from the day mommy brought me home.

Finnegan's Diary

I Love Family Visits!

Good morning, Diary!

Guess what? Family came to visit yesterday! It was the best time ever! I loved getting so much attention. I learned a new game called Cat in the Middle! I was the Cat. Four people from my family sat in a circle around me and tossed one of my balls back and forth and I had to try and catch it. What a fun game it was.

My family gave me a lot of playtime. Here are some pictures of me while they were here. I knew you’d want to see some.

Last week we got snowed in, according to mommy. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together. It was nice to be with mommy all this time. She likes it when I try to help her with coloring. She likes it so much she took pictures after she set everything up to color and watch television. I always lay right on the picture she is trying to color. I really like to play with the pencils. I like to chew on them.

On Christmas morning, mommy talked to me about Christmas and told me how this day is one in which we celebrate Jesus being born into this world a long, long time ago. It’s like a birthday celebration. Then she brought out a present and said it was for me for Christmas. Can you believe it? I got a present even though it was not my birthday. Oh, how I loved having all these toys on the floor. Mommy played with me a lot and we had fun. She laughs a lot when we are playing together and I like that sound.

Mommy told me it will soon be time for a new year. I’m not sure what that means or what will happen, but I’m looking forward to spending all the time I can get with mommy. I know she wants me to let her trim my sharp claws, but it always scares me. I try to be brave, but I just can’t. This would be a good present for me to give her, so I’ll try harder when the new year comes.

Here are some other pictures of our week and snowed in time. I spent a lot of time watching the birds through the windows. I’m so glad I have three windows to choose from.

It’s time for me to close now. I’ll be back next week to tell you all about the new year, whatever that is.

Love, Finnegan