Inside the Writer’s Mind with Binoculars

I had a little fun on my Facebook page, Books by Carol Ann, yesterday. I used my binoculars to watch a few hawks who’d perched atop electric poles across the pond from my office window. As I did so, my imagination began to kick into action, as happens with writers.

I wondered what neighbors would think if they spied me at the window with big binoculars! Would they wonder if I was spying on them, or if I’d seen something they couldn’t see. The more I thought about this the funnier it got, so I started posting on my page little funny posts about this.

Later I had brunch with my daughter and she and I started laughing about it. She decided it would be funny to come to my place and she’d take pictures of me with the binoculars peering through the slats of the CLOSED blinds. I agreed it would be hilarious to add this to the post. I had posted on my regular FB timeline, too, and that’s where she put them. I added them to my Books by Carol Ann page as well.

You are invited to come to visit my page to see the pictures and I hope you’ll leave a comment, too. Here’s the link or if you have Facebook, you can search for Books by Carol Ann. Like the page if you want to. I’d love to interact with you there.

I suppose the point of the post is that writer’s have very active imaginations. While my last book, Katy’s Heart, was not a romantic suspense as are my other books, I seem to always think of the what ifs in a suspenseful format. Thus, the binoculars. Perhaps they will appear in my next series…to be announced soon.

Music for the Soul

I love music, especially Christian music. I love to sing in church, though the voice in my head does not come out like I hear there! LOL! So glad God only cares that I praise Him. Flat and off-key doesn’t matter.

Since my Templeton Cat crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I have felt really alone. The silence of the house has pressed in on me. Yesterday, I was coloring and thinking and whenever my phone dinged a notification, I jumped. It scared me as if someone had snuck up behind me and said boo.

I began thinking more and more about how I needed a cat back in my life. I imagined one sitting on the desk while I’m busy or lying in my lap as I watch television in the evenings. I used excuses for not getting one, though with my lifestyle, they really didn’t matter. Then I started looking at how many people, including my doctor had said I need to get another cat. Could this be God speaking to me? This fanned another desire to get a cat.

This morning, after a really great night’s rest, praise God, I admitted I could not afford to get a pet. For the past few years, I’ve spent a LOT of money on my three cats. Each month I was taking at least two hundred dollars from my savings to care for them, more in the last year due to health issues. I am about to talk to my cardiologist because I cannot continue taking the blood thinner prescription he feels is necessary. I’m not trying to sound whiny, just realistic. I NEED to be in a better situation financially to own a pet.

What I really need is to have music in my daily life. I am playing my favorite Christian radio station this morning on my old single CD player/radio. Just the sound of the music lifts me up and makes me know I am not alone here in this place. Jesus lives here with me! I feel His presence so strongly as I listen to praise and worship music.

And I know that voice telling me to turn on the radio was from God! He always has the best answers. I do plan to search for a better radio, just a radio.

The Joy of a Recycled Journal

Yesterday, I stumbled across a journal my second youngest daughter gave me in 2020. I am going to use it to continue my journaling. She gave it to me for Mother’s Day in May 2020. I used it for taking study notes while I was studying my Bible and only used about 1/4 of the pages. Since it is spiral bound, I removed the pages I’d filled and now it is a perfect journal for me. There is a scripture on every page, just as I had wanted. It also has a beautiful cover.

It’s wonderful when God leads me to forgotten treasures!

So why do I journal? I’ve found it is a way to pour out my thoughts and emotions at the end of a day. We never know what is going to happen as we open each gift of a new day. Journaling is a release for me of the stresses before I go to sleep. It is talking to God while writing the words in my heart. The journal is also a place where I share my joy at God’s beautiful creations, the happy moments in my day, or the plans for a new day. In short it is just opening up my heart at any given time and releasing the words. Sometimes the words are a prayer.

I’ve often used the words, I write because I can’t NOT write! As an author, words are a part of my inmost being and I believe this is a gift from God.

I’m so grateful to my daughters who provide the means to journal, to capture scripture, and to record blessings. And I’m so grateful for a God who loves me so much and tell me I am worthy.

The Filled Journal

I had always wanted to be someone who writes in a journal on a regular basis and so many times I started and then just lost interest. But in 2019 my youngest daughter purchased a spiral bound Christian journal for me for Christmas. I began writing in it on January 1, 2020 and made my last entry on July 31, 2022. So much happened during those two and a half years, and though I didn’t write my thoughts on a daily basis, I captured history inside those pages. The feelings I had during the pandemic were probably the most historical moments.

I’m going in search of another similar journal so I can continue the process as I found it a wonderful way to talk to God or just share my intimate thoughts about my life. This journal had scripture verses on each page and my name was inserted in them. I found it so comforting.

Wish me well in my journaling search!

Learning as I Age

A few weeks ago, I began following the 75 Soft Challenge. I even restarted once when I missed doing one thing on one day. I have now decided to give myself grace and to not stringently follow this challenge. Why?

I’ve learned as I age, my body is not what it used to be, and let’s face it, neither is my mind. I have the desire and even belief that I can do things which are not as achievable as I envisioned. While I believe I can do all things through Christ, good sense has to come into play as well. With my diabetes and heart issues, my body can’t take the punishment I used to put it through. There are times when I need to listen and rest. It’s a fact of my life.

Am I giving up? No. That’s not what I’m doing. Prayer has always been a part of my day, but not a conscious five minutes reserved just for that. Now it is. Reading nonfiction has always been a part of most days, now it is a daily habit. Eating healthy at least 90% of the time is now part of my daily get healthy plan and drinking at least 10 glasses of water daily is just a part of my life and has been for many years. So that leaves the exercise.

I cannot exercise 30 minutes each day. There are days when I’m running errands, doing heavier household chores, or I’m just not feeling good when exercise is not something healthy for me to tackle. There are days where the 30 minutes is easy to accomplish, and days where I can only do 20 minutes. It is important for my health to exercise, so this is part of my weekly routine. It might be four days a week, or it could be more or less depending on the circumstances of my daily commitments.

I’ve learned at my age I’m not supposed to keep up with the goals my younger inner self wants. It’s okay to admit I’m nearing 80 years old. It happens to all of us who are blessed enough to make it to this stage of life. I’m going to embrace it with grace.