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A Scratching Thingie? (Finnegan’s Diary)

Hi! It’s me, Finnegan. So things have been quiet this past week. Sunday was Mother’s Day so my mommy went to lunch with her human daughters. My favorite one stopped by for a few minutes while mommy fed me and I was so happy to see her! She was the one who really made me relax when I first came here and was so scared. But they didn’t stay long.

So for my mommy I gave her a present. One of my friends helped me and I’m not going to say who it was (whispers: I don’t know who, but don’t tell). Mommy was so full of smiles when she got it in the mail.

Mommy has been cleaning my ears with the medicine the doctor gave her and it is helping. I’m feeling a lot better and not scratching like I did before. And I’m super happy because mommy decided she was going to start giving me a little dry food. So I get my wet food twice a day and dry food which is super yummy once a day. Mommy says it is hairball and weight control stuff, but I don’t believe it. To me it tastes like the best food ever!

Yesterday mommy went shopping again. She came home and put the groceries away and then put something down on the floor. She said it was for scratching and keeping my claws in good shape. Ha! I showed her what it really was. It’s a chaise, or in kitty terms a bed! See!

Well, I did scratch on it a time or two, but it’s a good spot for napping. Well, that’s about all I have to talk about today. I’m seeing sunshine so I want to jump up in my window spot and watch the birds. See you next Wednesday!

One thought on “A Scratching Thingie? (Finnegan’s Diary)

  1. So happy to hear your ears are getting better. I’m also delighted to know you get a little of your ‘dry stuff’ to munch on. Your new ‘kitty chaise’ looks quite comfortable, but don’t forget to scratch on it once in a while to make your mommy happy. Until next week!

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