Author's Life

The Love of Words

I love words. I love to write them in my planners, prayer journals, and diary journals. I love looking at the handwritten pages. I love writing words on the computer and watching them grow into something beautiful as stories are woven and blogs are posted. I love opening books and seeing all the words on the pages. I love the sound of pages turning or the flicking of my finger to turn the pages on my iPad. My brother always laughs about reading my morning inspirational posts on Facebook because he says there are “so many words!” I love words.

I’m so happy when I’m surrounded with words! It’s no wonder I have become a writer. Words are such a beautiful gift. We take an alphabet of 26 letters and so many different words are formed! Thoughts can pour out of the mind and onto the written page, just as these words are coming from my mind as I write this blog! What a glorious blessing God has given us!

I love words exchanged between people. I love the interchanges with my small group as we study God’s word. I love talking on the phone with family and friends. I love chatting with my church family, and even exchanging kind words with strangers when I’m shopping. Words. Beautiful words.

I love reading the words in my Bible. No matter how many times I’ve read through the Bible, I learn something new every time I open the pages. Morning devotions bring delight and always lead into prayer time which leads to more spoken words mingled with tears…why tears? Because I’m so humbled to be speaking to the One who created the universe…who created me. I speak the words. I hear the words.

I’m so grateful for ears to hear words, eyes to read words, a mouth to speak words, and fingers to type and hand write words. I’m grateful for words. I love words.