Finnegan's Diary

I Love Children and Dislike Beds That Fall (Finnegan’s Diary)

I was so excited when my best buddy, Rhyan, came to visit on Sunday! She came to see me when I first came to live here and she’s been back a couple other times. She loves me and we have a lot of fun playing together. Mommy thinks my past home had children in it, and I’m thinking it’s true. I do love the children. They are smaller than the big folks and get on the floor to play with me. I know they won’t ever hurt me and I let them do things I don’t even completely trust my mommy to do…like pet my tummy.

Rhyan and I had so much fun playing together. Here are some pictures.

The last picture is me, Rhyan, and Rhyan’s grandma. Mommy took the picture. Can you tell how much I love Rhyan? I really do.

I was sad when they left. On Monday, even though I was napping on mommy’s lap and knew she wasn’t gone, when I heard the garage door (mommy says it was the neighbor’s door) I hurried to wait by the kitchen door to see if Rhyan had come back to play with me. I wish she lived here, too. Mommy keeps saying I need to have another kitty to play with, but she is worried I might not be nice and want to share my home, plus our house is small and she doesn’t know where she’d put more cat litter pans. That’s okay. I’d rather she would get me a little child instead.

On Friday, there was a bad thing that happened. My favorite cat bed in the office window fell down. I was sleeping so soundly and happy and then it just collapsed and made a huge noise. I fell to the desk and mommy’s water glass spilled and the container of pens fell and rolled all over the floor. Mommy fixed the bed and even put a stack of books under it in case it ever loosened again, but I don’t trust it. I have been completely avoiding it. I’ve spent all my time in the bedroom either looking out that window or sleeping on the bed. This morning mommy moved all the furniture around and put my cat tower in front of the living room windows so I’d have another place to lay where I can watch what’s happening outside. Sometimes I just lay on mommy’s desk when she’s there, but I lay on the papers she’s working on and she gives up and leaves. I look at that bed and sometimes she puts me there, but I jump right down. It scares me.

Well, I guess I better say so long until next Wednesday. I’m going to head to the bedroom where I feel more comfortable and listen for the garage door.

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